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An artist from the Bholar dabri area of West Bengal’s Alipurduar district, created a painting of the goddess Durga using the buttons on his shirt as the festival of Durga Puja was beginning and followers were coming up with creative ideas.
Dipankar Saha, a government employee, always had a love for art. From clay modelling to oil paintings, he enjoys experimenting with various artistic method. Saha decided to do something different for this Durga Puja, though. So he had the idea of making a button sketch of the goddess. He gave it the name “Chinamoyi maa.”
According to Saha, his employment stops him from working on his artistic attempt during the day, so he completes them at night after work. He engages in workshops and shows all around the nation to show off his work.
“Due to my passion for painting, I spent many years living outside of my hometown. I work on my paintings at night after I get home from work because I work for the government and am busy throughout the day,” he stated.
Saha acknowledged his family’s contribution to his great artistic career by saying, “Everything in my life is achievable because to my family.” They have regularly been by my side. Saha’s depiction of Durga Maa is 24 inches long by 18 inches wide and is made up of 1675 buttons and numerous pearls. Saha referred to his most recent work as his dream plan. Saha has previously made a number of sculptures out of plaster of Paris, cement, and soap.

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