5G to boost Nation’s Education System: PM Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the introduction of 5G cellular services as a revolutionary milestone and claimed that they will advance the nation’s educational system. The latest technology, according to him, will go beyond “smart facilities, smart classrooms, and smart lessons.”

The PM said, “Students can now experience virtual reality, the Internet of things, and other cutting-edge technology at their schools with the help of the 5G service,” during the Gandhinagar district’s Adalaj town’s Mission Schools of Excellence programme launch.

The PM compared the upcoming 5G service, which will be available to students as study aids, to an aeroplane, comparing it to the current 4G service, which he likened to a bicycle.

With modern classrooms, smart classrooms, and computer laboratories, the Mission Schools of Excellence will boost Gujarat’s educational infrastructure. Additionally, the state’s schools will receive an overall infrastructural update.

The state government will construct 50,000 new classrooms as part of the Mission Schools of Excellence, and it will use 5G technology to transform almost 1 lakh current classrooms in government-run schools into smart classrooms. A teacher may deliver real-time instruction to numerous schools in villages using this technology, he claimed. The majority of this initiative’s benefits will go to rural students.

The Prime Minister further claimed that the country will be freed from its “slave mentality” toward the English language thanks to the New Education Policy (NEP). The prime minister stated, “Even if they are not educated in English, we seek to ensure that the children of disadvantaged parents become doctors and engineers.”

Prior to giving his speech, the prime minister spoke with a group of young people who he said had been admitted to the first grade in his presence at a Gujarati village school many years earlier as part of the “Shala Praveshotsav,” a state government programme to boost enrollment.

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