Madhya Pradesh Government to help victims of Khargone Riot; Once Crore allotted as aid.

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After the clash  between two groups on 10th April, the Madhya Pradesh Administration called over curfew. On 19th April, the state government declared   Rupees One Crore for the relief of people affected by the  Khargone clash. It has been mentioned that a survey will be done by the district administration and then the financial assistance would be provided.

Curfew prevailed due to the heated situation even days after the clash took place. Since 14th April, the local administration had relaxed the curfew for four hours daily, i.e. from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. During this time, medicine shops, milk stores, provisions and vegetable shops were only given the permission to open. Petrol pumps were closed and selling kerosene was suspended at the fair price shop as per the order of the Public Distribution System (PDS). Administration said that further relaxation of the curfew can be provided from 19th evening.

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