Mysterious Rickshaw waiting for a Girl

A Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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This is the 8th day that I have woken up with a sore neck and dizzy head, I felt too weak and tired like I was running in my dreams. Matter of fact I can’t remember anything about the dream, it was too hazy for me to remember. Leaving that behind I got up and went to take a shower.

Sometime a cold shower is all it takes to fix up everything. After I came out of the shower and got ready for my college. Before leaving, I saw it was a bright sky outside, so I just went out but before closing the door something stopped me. I saw a scene of heavy rainfall and people’s running so with out a second thought i took my umbrella with me. While heading towards my college things were normal but people were looking at me like I was a maniac caring an umbrella on a bright sunny day, I was getting a little bit embarrassed but suddenly the rain God blessed me with a heavy pouring and with in a few second people were running to find a shelter. This was the Scene I saw today before leaving my house. Everything is same to same as I saw. It’s just like I was here before, but I didn’t thought too much about this imagination stuff because this is not the first time am seeing this, it started 7 to 8 days ago, the day when I hopped on that strange rickshaw.

Every day, while returning from college, I would see a hand pulled rickshaw with red seat. It looks like an ordinary rickshaw, but the strange part is it’s background and……the driver. The background side of the rickshaw is like some black and white film, and when the driver looks at me, he starts smiling mysteriously. Suddenly, I would get too tired to overthink about all this, and will hop onto it as usual.

The same thing would happen just like the first day, but the places keeps on changing. On the first day, after I hopped onto the rickshaw, I was scrolling down on my phone when I suddenly felt some dizziness and my head started aching, while the driver was continuously smirking. I wasn’t able to call anyone; I started panicking. Suddenly, I heard some weird noises. I freaked out and started screaming. The driver stopped the rickshaw and asked me to get down. I rushed out from the rickshaw and ran through the streets, asking for help. “No-one is here to help you” the driver addressed me, “didn’t you realised, this place is different. Welcome to the Past”. I looked around and realised it’s true.

I was in the British Colonial Rule. I saw many freedom fighters, their struggles and sacrifices. But the sad part was, I couldn’t communicate with them; I wasn’t visible to them. I was awestruck when I saw the secret planning place of the freedom fighters. I was about to explore many more secrets, when the driver called me and I found myself in another era. This time, I was in the Mughal Period. It was the day when the Taj Mahal was fully constructed. There, I witnessed that in-humanly incident – a person, dressed in royal costume, ordered to cut the thumbs of all the workers who worked hard. I was about to scream, when the driver again called me, and I found myself again in another period, the Indus Valley Civilization. As I looked around every corner, I could realise how the civilization was technically and scientifically developed from each and every stone.

I guess a fixed time is allotted for visiting every historical place, as after a certain time the driver would call me and I will find myself in different places. But this… not the end. I don’t remember when and how I return to my own house, in the present. Every day I visit 3 historical places, and after visiting the last one, I woke up by the sound of my alarm. I would again woke up with sore neck and dizzy head. This cycle goes on and on, since that day as I encounter different challenges every single day. I guess, I’m stuck in a loop-hole, where there is no end……it’s called……….Infinity.

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