A party worker, a symbol of justice and a voice of mass were jailed for promoting prostitution

Suspended police officer, C Pugalendhi,  worker of a political party G Rajendran, and Vinobaji, a journalist working for a private media channel, were sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Punishment of life imprisonment was sentenced to 8 people and on the other hand a police personal, party worker and a journalist were jailed for sexually abusing, harassing and forcing a girl child into sex work. The victim was 13 years old at the time of the incident. The girl was raped by more than 100 people. The stepparents of the victim are among the convicts who were handed life sentence in prison by the judiciary. Total 26 accused are there, 4 are on large and one died while the case was pending.
Justful action was taken according to the case registered under the all women police by the complaint of victim’s biological mother in washermenpet and a chargesheet which appeared to be unending, 560 pages, was submitted in November, 2020. On 15 September, a extraordinary court delivered justice and logged complaint against each accused of their henious crime under posco act. M Rajalakshmi, the officer of the judicial Court, ordered the government, to provide an ex-gratia of ₹ 500000 to the victim, along with the amount cumulated by imposing fine on accused ,which is approx ₹2000000
The case was getting heat because the girl was raped , more than 100 times and the involvement of public figures and official, the people who pledge and thrust themselves for the welfare and to protect the citizens of the country were mainly accused for paving and compelling a innocent girl into prostitution.

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