Police said they have registered a case and arrested the school teacher and principal on Tuesday. (Representational Image)

A Slap can be Fatal : Resulting Suicide!

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On Monday a 17 year old class 10 student killed herself in Dhanbad Jharkhand after being insulted and physically abused by a teacher just for wearing a ‘bindi’ in school.


A FIR has been lodged and the Tetulmari police have arrested the school teacher and principal the very next day. As per the police, the school girl had hanged herself from the ceiling fan and has left a suicidal note in her school uniform’s pocket.


After some investigation, the police informed that the girl was a student of Saint Xavier’s school at Tetulmari. On the same day, she left for school at 7.30 morning but returned home early than usual.


The girl was asked by her family about her early return, she said that her teacher slapped her in front of everyone during the morning prayers just because she was “wearing a bindi” and naturally she was “upset” about the whole matter.


Tetulmari police station in-charge Ashish Yadav told, “The girl left a suicide note in which she allegedly held the teacher of the school responsible for the incident. We have registered an FIR based on the family member’s complaint against the teacher and the principal and arrested both of them.”


The media could not get any comments from the accused teacher and principal of Saint Xavier’s School. But the note found from the dead girl’s uniform was addressed to the Tetulmari Police Station where the girl reportedly wrote that “she was slapped in front of everyone” in school and was “made to leave the premises”.


She also mentioned in her note that she was not able to “tolerate the insult and that is why she was killing herself”. She apparently stated her teacher and principal “responsible for her suicide”.


The mother of the girl talked to the reporters: “My daughter would have passed from the school in the next few months. My husband died a year ago and my daughter and two sons studied at the same school. My daughter wore a bindi but seeing the teacher she threw it away. She was slapped twice in front of everyone”.


She also said, “She went to the principal, but he too did not listen and she was asked to leave. She came to me and I went to the school and requested the principal that I would ask for forgiveness from the teacher. However, our requests were not paid heed to. I consoled my daughter and at home she started writing something on a paper. She misled me that she was doing a school task and in another half an hour she was gone.”

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