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According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, China sent 25 warplanes and three warships on morning as tensions between Beijing and Taipei’s main join Washington remain high.According to the ministry, 19 of those aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone while the ships were still navigating the Taiwan Strait. According to the report, Taiwan responded by sending out ships, activating coastal missile defense systems, and dispatching fighter jets in order to “closely monitor and respond.”

In order to scare Taiwan and wear down its infrastructure, exhaust its staff, and lower public confidence, China conducts these attacks on a nearly daily basis. These actions are referred to as “gray zone” tactics. Along with a constant effort to deny Taiwan political merge, these also include disinformation and cyberwarfare campaigns. Taiwan has responded by upgrading its F-16 fighter jet fleet, ordering 66 more of the aircraft from the United States, buying a variety of other weapons, and increasing the four-month military service requirement for all males to one year. The South China Sea, trade, technology, and China’s actions toward the island have all caused a deterioration in relations between Beijing and Washington, Taiwan’s main combination and supplier of defensive weapons.
Chinese officials declare that Taiwan is their own territory, which they reserve the right to annex with force if necessary. To prepare for this possibility, China has been rapidly building up its military.Although China declare that it prefers a peaceful union of the two, the majority of Taiwanese citizens support the island’s current independence.Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has been pushing for a rebirth of the domestic defense industry, including the production of conventionally powered submarines, along with ordering new equipment from the United States.

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