Image: families lining up with children for treatment(representative picture); Image source: timesofindia.com

Adenovirus looms over West Bengal, childrens and infants most vulnerable

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In the last day itself(Tuesday; 28 February 2023), there have been reports of 5 child deaths due to respiratory infections across the different hospitals in the state of West Bengal.

With the recent rising discomfort amongst the masses due to reports of rising cases of Adenovirus, these reports are further fuelling the unrest among families, especially those with small children who are the most likely to contract the virus.

According to health experts and virologists, it can cause infections in the respiratory and intestinal tracts in children and the common age group witnessed in many cases is children 0-2 years, whereas the likelihood is comparatively lower with children between 2-5 years vulnerable and even lesser amongst those between 5-10 years.

Doctors are of the opinion that the children above 10 years are the least susceptible to the virus, adding that in most cases precautionary measures and proper treatment at homes is enough to overcome the virus.

It has been reported that out of five children, two were admitted at Kolkata Medical College and Hospital while the remaining three were being treated at the Dr B C Roy Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences.

In some cases doctors are yet to comment on whether the respiratory infections or ailments these children were suffering from was or was induced by Adenovirus.

The State Health department has yet to provide data regarding the infection and the fatalities caused, or give an official statement addressing the issue.


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