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Amid the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia though the entire western world cracked down with heavy sanctions on Russia, but Vladamir Putin has clearly put forward a full proof template for China to execute its long term ambition for reunification of Taiwan.

Though the sanctions on Russia was successful in forcing the Russian Ruble to dip to its all time low along with ban from swift transaction system, but it had little to no effects on breaking the deterrence of Putin.

During the recent quad submit though USA, Japan and Australia had tried its best to push the agenda on Ukrainian War, but the possible threat which might arise in Indo-Pacific in form of China attacking Taiwan was rightfully indicated by India.

During the entire summit due to New Delhi’s long-standing defence and strategic ties with Moscow India, refrained from criticising Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

External affairs ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “From our perspective, while of course there’s a very serious situation…in Ukraine, it’s not as though challenges in other parts of the world have vanished.” Further PM Narendra Modi also emphasized on the need to return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy.

Though India had abstained from voting for or against Russia in UNSC and UNGA but dilema of choosing a side still is a biggest diplomatic challenge for India as the entire western world including USA is interpreting non-aligned attitude of India as the biggest support to Russia at current point of time.

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