Groundsmen holding umbrellas near the covered pitch as it rains ahead of the IPL 2023 final cricket match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings(PTI)

Anticipated Showdown: CSK vs GT IPL 2023 Final Likely to be Affected by Rain

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Cricket fans across the nation are holding their breath as the much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and the Gujarat Titans (GT) is under the threat of heavy rain. The meteorological department has predicted a high probability of showers during the scheduled match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.


Both teams have displayed exceptional skills throughout the tournament, and their journey to the final has captivated fans. The Chennai Super Kings, led by the legendary captain MS Dhoni, have showcased their dominance with a balanced squad and consistent performances. On the other hand, the Gujarat Titans, under the leadership of Hardik Pandey, have shown their mettle by overcoming challenges and displaying resilience.


However, the weather forecast has raised concerns among players, officials, and fans. The rain could potentially disrupt the highly anticipated clash, causing disappointment among cricket enthusiasts. The rules for the cut-off time for the reserve day will be same as of Sunday. Further down, there could be a chance of super-over to conclude the match.


The Indian Premier League governing council has already announced a reserve day to accommodate any potential disruptions caused by rain. According to the rules set by the IPL governing council, if the reserve day is also affected by rain, the team that finished higher in the league stage would be declared the winner. In this scenario, the Gujarat Titans, who topped the league table, would be crowned the champions of IPL 2023.



Fans are hoping that the weather gods show some mercy and allow the final to proceed as planned. However, the unpredictable nature of the weather leaves everyone on edge, eagerly waiting for updates and keeping their fingers crossed for a thrilling and rain-free contest between these two formidable teams.


As the countdown to the IPL 2023 final continues, the cricketing world waits with bated breath, hoping that the rain gods spare this much-awaited clash and provide an electrifying conclusion to the tournament.

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