Arunachal Pradesh: An organization is all set to enhance the quality of teaching and make learning exciting

To update and reorganize the quality of education in schools, Reach To Teach Foundation after multilateral negotiations made a contract with the state government and Niti Aayog in July.
This three- way pact is formed mainly for the advancement of teaching and make learning joyful , to reduce mental stress on students. More than 3000 government schools are on the list which reckons 2 lakh students as beneficiaries. This beneficial program is under the surveillance of Niti Aayog’s development support services for states initiative.
“The entire focus Is to try to improve the quality of learning by making learning joyful as the motto. Even in government schools, the joy of learning is not driven by money…but by attitude and engagement,” CEO of Reach to Teach Foundation Ratna Viswanathan said . “Our focus is on transformative learning programme in the state from classes 1 to 12 and we are working to create contents which is children and teachers’ friendly,” she said.
Special activities are introduced in the structure to make lessons mindful, attractive and competitive for the purpose of mental development.
According to a official, representing the organization, enhancement doesn’t mean improved, quality infrastructure in schools but the planned activities ,yet extemporize are the real treasures. Teachers should have an emotional understanding of education which is important. We have planned two activities related to English and Mathematics each day before classes begin so that it becomes a fun-filled exercise as well as the students, she disclosed.
According to the reports, if the managing committee finds the desired result incomplete then the project will be extended for 2 more years .

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