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Know Your Certificate

01. UCN

[#xxxxxxxxxx] Every certificate has a Unique 10 digit Certificate No. This UCN will be recorded manually in the database of the Dept. of journalism & Mass comm. at the time of issuing the certificate. The authenticity of the certificate can be verified by this UCN.

02. Name

[First+Last Name] Name will be filled automatically. Your name will be fetched automatically from your profile. If your name appears wrong in the certificate, go to 'Account Settings' and correct your name.

03. Grade

[O/A+/A/B+/B/C] Grades will be given based on capabilities such as; Writing skills, Editing skills, Leadership skills, Teamwork, Quality & Quantity of content, Spontaneity etc.

04. Duration

[Months/Years] From the day of registration to the present / last active day - Duration will be mentioned by the respective teachers only.

05. Signatures

Principal of Behala College & the respective teachers will sign this certificate manually. Signatures are the proof of authenticity of this certificate. Without the signatures the certificate will be considered as invalid.

06. Issuance Date

[dd/mm/yyyy] Date will be auto filled in the certificate as per the current date. Therefore, it is suggested that, you should try to download your certificate 1-2 days ago (maximum) before the authentication.

07. Verification Link

[] A verification link of your profile will be mentioned in the certificate. This link will redirect people to your publicly available profile and posts.



For Certificate of Completion: [online]

  • The status of the student’s account should be active on the platform-Youthesta.
  • The student should be regular and active on the platform.
  • Generally 6th Semester students are eligible for the issuance of certificate. However, in special circumstances certificate can be issued to the eligible students. In that case only Teachers will decide the eligibility of that particular student.

For Certificate of Achievement: [Offline]

  • Only the Top 3 creators of different batches (eg; 2019-2022) are eligible for this certificate.
  • Students will be rewarded with this certificate at the end of their 6th semester.
  • Not only the top creators according to the leaderboard but also candidates with special abilities & qualities like leadership, team management and other activities are also eligible for this certificate.  Teachers will only decide who are eligible under this category.

For Certificate of Social Media Management: [Offline]

  • Students who has participated & taken hands-on training on Social Media Management under Youthesta for at least 1 year, are eligible for this certficate.

Note: Use 200-300 gsm & A4 size paper for printing the certificate.


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