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Airline Sector Upliftment in Security Measures.


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With India getting a higher rank in Indian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Safety ranking, DGCA chief challenges for further safety measures in domestic flights declared on Sunday.
India’s rank is 48th from that of 108th last recorded in the year 2018. For further air safety measures DGCA chief Arun Kumar takes up safety implements for domestic flights. This challenge has been taken to overcome the growth trajectory which was hit badly after the outbreak of Covid-19.
The domestic air traffics are needed for further measures for the safety and wellbeing of the eco system as well as the air passengers. The airline sectors also came up with a scheme of consession on jet fuels in the Union Budget. The airlines urges the government for atleast 4% of VAT on Aviation Turbine Fuel across all the states.
India’s ranking in Aviation now also places it ahead of China as reported and exclaimed by the DGCA officials of Civil Aviation. “A good safety measure and oversight system must be carried out by the aviation experts for flight safety and flying public.” says DGCA Officials. A better future for the aviation sector ahead to be come soon for their special safety measures. “Now we are at the peak of challenge to maintain , improve India’s aviation safety” Says DGCA Chief Arun Kumar.

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