Digital Divide Reimagined

Imagine a society where everyone has equal access to technology, exploring the positive transformation it brings to education, communication, and socioeconomic opportunities.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 23 April

The Masked Society

Imagine a world where everyone wears masks, exploring the impact on identity, authenticity, and societal dynamics.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 28 August

Beyond Borders

Craft a story about a global initiative that promotes cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding, emphasizing the beauty of diversity and cultural heritage.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 21 August

Mindscape Revolution

Explore the ethical implications of advanced brain-computer interfaces, delving into the possibilities and risks they pose in enhancing human capabilities.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 07 August

Rising from Ashes

Compose a narrative about an individual who rebuilds their life after a devastating natural disaster.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 24 July

Uncharted Frontiers

Write a futuristic story where humans explore unexplored regions on Earth, encountering new ecosystems and civilizations.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 17 July

The Future of Work

Imagine a future where automation and artificial intelligence transform the job market. Write a story about the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 10 July

The Refugee Experience

Write a narrative exploring the experiences of refugees, their challenges, and the communities that support them.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 03 July

The Forgotten Hero

Create a story about a lesser-known historical figure from India’s past. Highlight their impact, hurdles, and goals for positive change.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 19 June

Building Bridges

Write a story that portrays how art, music, and literature act as bridges, connecting people from different backgrounds and fostering understanding and unity across India.

Weekly Challenge ⚡

Ending: 12 June

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