ISRO To Launch Next Lunar Mission


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ISRO to launch its next rocket to moon on July 14 with a possible moon rendezvous on August 23 or 24 claimed ISRO chairman S Somanath.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has decided to launch the Chandrayaan-3 mission, the space agency’s third venture to the moon and the second to attempt a soft landing on its surface, on July 14 at 2.35 pm from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota.

“The launch of Chandrayaan-3 will be on July 14 at 2.30 pm. If the launch takes place on that day we will be ready for landing on the moon possibly by the last week of August. The date is decided by the sunrise on the moon and when the landing takes place, sunlight has to be there. A day on the moon is 15 Earth days. You will have sunlight for 15 days and in the next 15 days there will be no sunlight for a given location,” said ISRO chairman S Somanath .

Chandrayaan-3 is therefore becoming India’s third moon mission, and is to be followed by the Chandrayaan-2 which launched before inorder to demonstrate the end-to-end capability along with safe landing and roving on the surface of the moon.

The Chandrayaan-3 consists of an indigenous lander module (LM) with propulsion module (PM) and a rover with an objective of developing and demonstrating new technologies which are further required for inter-planetary missions.

According to ISRO, the lander has the capability to soft-land at a specified lunar site, and deploy the rover, which will carry out some chemical analysis of the lunar surface during the final course of its mobility. The lander and the rover will also have scientific payloads to carry out experiments on the lunar surface as well.
Now it’s a quite awaiting situation for Indians to wait untill July 14 for their next successful lunar mission.

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