Children from lICP visit the Indus Valley School.

The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) students and teachers spent a few hours in a regular school, where they had the chance to engage with other students.According to an official of the IICP, if children without disabilities see, hear, and witness people with disabilities working freely, it removes the “pity” that is connected with impairment and enables them to comprehend and give credit to their talents. The students from Indus Valley World School (IVWS) observed the IICP students dancing and singing the same songs.

Teachers at the two schools believed that the experience would show kids that their hobbies and minor pleasures are shared by everyone and that they all live in the same world.

The IICP students took the stage and joined the audience in the chorus of the song Bum bum bole from a popular Hindi movie. Students in wheelchairs were seen moving around the stage during the dancing performance. It wasn’t only entertainment and music, though. A girl from IICP shared her journey, her challenges, and her goals.

The students at IVWS were astounded by Barsha Bhattacharya’s use of augmentative and alternative communication while utilising a voice output device when she, a trainer for the IICP advocacy group, took the stage.

The only way to achieve inclusion is to provide the necessary infrastructure to make institutions and public spaces accessible to people with disabilities. A kid from IICP informed an Indus Valley teacher, “Your school has ramps.”

Children should engage with one another and not just be given lectures about how to be sensitive, according to Amita Prasad, the director of IVWS.

Anything that promotes diversity is beneficial. Conversations on holding more programmes and long-term partnerships should take place since interactions are like ice breakers. Reena Sen, honorary secretary at IICP, stated that a long-term cooperation would have a longer impact.

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