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Chinese telecommunication posed risk to national security of US

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With the emergence of Information and Communications Technology, the world feels unified and connected but in recent times it has backfired and posed a risk to the security of the nation. United States claimed that Chinese telecommunications companies posed a risk to data security of the nation, henceforth forbided the import of communications equipment and video surveillance technology from Chinese companies like Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, and Dahua Technology (and their subsidiaries and affiliates).

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has declared the Huawei and ZTE as ‘threat’ and inculcated new guidelines to protect the citizens from national security threats to communications networks, by eliminating the communication equipments and services posing risk, from being imported in US. Last November, US President Joe Biden signed `Secure Equipment Act of 2021 into a law. Lately, restrictions are weighed on TikTok by US Chinese authorities might access US user’s data through it.

Although, Huawei and ZTE had constantly denied the allegations of US FCC. On the other hand, Chinese commerce Minister opposed FCC’s ban on new Chinese telecommunication equipment sale and affirms to take up the necessary measures to safeguard the rights of its domestic firms.

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