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Rank of Kolkata as second most polluted city in the table. Image source: times of india

City of Joy or pollution? Kolkata was in secong position.

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On Tuesday, a report released on pollution count were Kolkata in second number, most polluted metro city after Delhi during 2022-2023. The data was analysed from Central pollution control board on the PM2.5 levels across cities. PM2.5 refers to ultrafine particulates that can enter deep inside the lungs and trigger many critical diseases.

Kolkata’s average level of PM 2.5 during 2022-23 was 80 microgram per cubic metre of air and the last winter’s average of 79 microgram which was still 33 percent higher than national limit of 60 microgram. This report was prepared by Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Kolkata with 77 microgram of PM2.5 followed by Mumbai while Delhi was at the top of the table (151) microgram

“The figures show that there has been no significant improvement in Kolkata’s air quality despite a series of judicial orders, hefty funding as well as several actions that the government claims to have taken. It’s obvious the city’s air will no longer be breathable unless major sources of pollution, such as vehicular emission, biomass burning and construction, are addressed,” said environment activist Subhas Datta.

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