Cuba waves green signal to same-sex marriage proposal

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The Cuban government finally nods their head after an year longing conflict ranging on this issues. The country has accepted the newly formulated code of “family law” which provides liberacy to the citizens to have partners of their same sex, adoption of children, and guidelines relating to family planning and grandparents. The measure was voted among the members of the single led party of Cuba- the Communist party which also faced a stiff opposition in contrary to the voting.

The measure was unanimously supported by voting 66.9% to 33.1%. The reform confronted with stern resistance from the evangelical movement and many other citizens. Although facing obstacles at certain levels, the government extended their support to the reform and also put before their neccessity of this measure before the media.

The code approved surrogate pregnancies,broader rights for grandparents in regard to grandchildren, protection of the elderly and measures against gender violence, president Miguel Diaz-Canel acclaimed on Sunday.

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