DU Students Demanding GN Saibaba’s Release get’s detained by Delhi Police

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Hours after the Supreme Court stayed the Bombay high court’s acquittal of former professor G N Saibaba in a case involving Maoist ties, 40 students and teachers were detained who were protesting outside the Delhi University’s Arts Faculty without being given permission.

Any protest on the DU campus may only be organised after “getting permission or at least contacting the administration,” according to the notification, which was disregarded by the protesters who insisted on holding the demonstration regardless, according to DU proctor Rajni Abbi.

They were clearly informed that no demonstrations in support of those who have been found guilty by a court of law would be permitted, but they persisted in holding the agitation. As a result, the police were notified and asked to take the appropriate measures. The protesters mistreated and manhandled our security guards and police officers, Abbi continued.

Sagar Singh Kalsi, the deputy commissioner of police for the north, said that the police action was taken because DU officials claimed the demonstrators were disrupting the peace. “We took about 40 protestors into custody and transported them away from the demonstration area in buses and other government vehicles. Later, they were all freed. The demonstrators were instructed to disperse after being informed that they lacked permission to stage the protest. It is important to note that they refused and misbehaved with university police and security personnel during the removal process”, the DCP stated.

The wheelchair-bound Saibaba and five other defendants were exonerated on Friday by the Bombay high court’s Nagpur bench. Saibaba’s family and student organisations decided to throw a celebration at DU’s Arts Faculty on Saturday to honour his freedom after welcoming the order.

As a result of the Supreme Court holding a special session in response to the Maharashtra government’s appeal against the acquittal verdict, the high court judgement was stayed on Saturday, turning the celebrations into a protest.

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