Elon Musk

A picture of Elon Musk (source:bbc.com)

Elon Musk and experts think that the time has come to put the “next big thing in AI” to rest for now.

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AI is the only constant thing making it to the news these days and when we couple AI with Elon Musk we have an interesting story at hand to say the least. Elon Musk and a host of AI experts and industry executives are weary of the constantly evolving AI at an alarming rate.

Their demand? To put a 6 month halt on further developing any system better than OpenAI’s newly unveiled GPT-4. This demand finds its place in a letter signed by Elon Musk (and 1000 more other people) issued by the non-profit Future of Life Institute.

The letter basically sheds light on the urgency to put an end to the blind development of AI systems without coupling the process reasonably with supervision. In the race of having the most efficient AI system, companies are becoming ever so secretive about the process that brings to fruition such
advanced AI systems.

Conversely, critics accuse the entire move to be promoting “AI hype”. They dismiss the demand for stunting the developmental work but echo the concern for transparency.

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