Emergency declared: worst economic crisis hits Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is facing their worst crisis ever since their independence and President Gotabaya Rajpakshae has declared a state of emergency on Friday. 36 hours of curfew has been imposed throughout the nation and the military has been given sweeping powers to dissolve any mass gathering. The main reason for the crisis is found to be the shortage of foreign currency to even buy the essential commodities. Social media including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and others have been banned. Many people are desperately trying to leave the country and move out for a bare survival. 

As per the latest official data released on 1st April, inflation has hit 18.7 percent in March, breaking their own record for the sixth consecutive month. Food prices have risen up to 30% and people were seen protesting against the government throughout the island nation. The curfew has been imposed from Saturday 6 PM to Monday 6 AM in order to restrict people from protesting during this crisis and citizens are not allowed to leave their house except for essential services. Social media are also banned to avoid spreading misinformation and leading to crowd mobilization.

Conditions are so bad that the important fuels including diesel are unavailable at fuel stations and the public transport system has come to a halt. There were power cuts for more than 13 hours and even the street lights were turned off to save electricity. India assisted 40000 metric tons of diesel to Sri Lanka, the fourth such contribution from New Delhi. India traders have also arranged 40000 tones of rice to be delivered to Sri Lanka as aid. Sri Lanka is also requesting a 1 billion dollar credit line from India. Though India is not the only country they are trying to deal with, China is also on the list. Former president Maithripala Sirisena’s Freedom party has called for an all party government to handle the crisis and keep their head over water.

Many refugees were reported to be rescued by Indian coast guards who desperately left their country for the sake of survival and were taken to the refugee camps later.

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