Japan Rocket Explosion.


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A Japanese rocket engine exploded during a test drive in the early hours of Friday as said by an official in the latest blow to the country’s space agency.

The Epsilon S rocket is an improved version of the Epsilon rocket that was failed to launch in the month of October last year and now in its second trial too the rocket blew up “roughly 50 seconds after ignition”, science and technology ministry official Naoya Takegami told to AFP.

The testing site was located in the northern prefecture of Akita which was engulfed in the flames of huge plume of grey smoke which rose into the sky because of the explosion that took place as seen in the footage from national broadcaster NHK. “So far we have received no reports of injuries from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which was investigating the cause of the explosion” said an official Takegami.

The explosion is said to have happened due to the malfunction of the rocket after Tokyo in March saw its second attempt to launch its next-generation H3 rocket fail after liftoff, and after the failure launch of the solid-fuel in the Epsilon in October, this model that has flown five successful missions since its 2013 debut gradually exploded in the outcasts of Japan.

Although In both incidents, JAXA was forced to send self-destruct orders to the rockets still it was beneficial as the Epsilon is smaller than the country’s previous liquid-fuelled model and a successor to the solid-fuel “M-5” rocket that was retired in 2006 due to its high cost.

However, after the failure Japan now plans to launch the Epsilon S rocket next year again with further better preparations.The country’s space programme is one of the world’s largest as well as in the International Space Station as part of the Crew-5 mission.

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