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Image caption: French President Emmanuel Macron shakes hand with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Paris. Source: Reuters.

France-Britain:$557 million migration deal established

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During the next three years, Britain will pay France $577 million, helping to fund more patrols and improved equipment, to help crack down on migrants arriving in Britain on tiny boats.

The new agreement was revealed by French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at a summit intended to mend fences after years of Brexit squabbling. The gathering marked the first summit between the two major military powers of Europe in five years. Both countries are nuclear powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Britain will contribute to the cost of a detention facility in France as part of the new agreement. The British National Crime Agency and its French counterpart would both send officers abroad, according to an agreement between the two nations.

They stated the funding package will be paid in installments, with the French providing much more funds.

The two nations’ support for Ukraine during Russia’s invasion has strengthened relations between them, which have been frequently turbulent since Britain decided to quit the European Union in 2016. Despite recent accusations to the contrary, Macron greeted Sunak in the Elysee Palace, and the two men shook hands and smiled at one another.

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