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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, during a high-level summit of Global South leaders, declared the unwavering support of Global South nations for India in its time of need. As India faces multiple challenges, leaders from diverse regions have pledged their cooperation and resources to assist in overcoming these difficulties.

The Global South Alliance, comprising countries from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia, aims to foster collaboration, advance shared interests, and amplify the collective voice of its member nations on the global stage. This united front highlights the crucial role played by India in the region and its significant contributions to the world, reinforcing the alliance’s commitment to South-South cooperation and multilateralism.

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister stressed the importance of equitable access to vaccines and medical resources, urging the international community to support India’s vaccination efforts and mitigate the pandemic’s impact on its economy.
The collective support from the nations of the Global South not only provides immediate assistance but also strengthens international partnerships and solidarity among nations facing similar challenges. It signifies a significant stride towards addressing global inequalities and fostering a more resilient and equitable world.
India, buoyed by the solidarity of the Global South, gains renewed strength and international cooperation as it confronts its current obstacles. This united effort lays the groundwork for future collaborations in areas of mutual interest and development.

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