Government Bus Runs Amok, Collides with E-W Metro Site at BBD Bag, Three Individuals Hospitalized

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In a shocking incident today, a government-owned bus rammed into an under-construction site of the East-West Metro project at BBD Bag, leaving three individuals injured. The mishap occurred during the morning rush hour, causing chaos and panic among commuters and workers present at the scene.

Eyewitnesses reported that the bus, belonging to the state transport corporation, was traveling at high speed when it lost control and crashed into the construction area. The impact of the collision resulted in significant damage to the construction site, including equipment and materials.

Emergency services rushed to the spot immediately after receiving distress calls from witnesses. Local police, firefighters, and medical personnel arrived promptly to provide aid to the injured individuals and secure the area. The injured victims were quickly transported to a nearby hospital for further medical treatment.

The identities of the injured individuals have not been disclosed, but sources indicate that they include two construction workers and a pedestrian who happened to be in the vicinity. Their current condition remains unknown, and medical authorities are working diligently to ensure their well-being.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident to determine the exact cause of the accident. Initial reports suggest that the bus driver may have lost control due to a mechanical failure or human error. The driver, who was also injured in the crash, is currently under medical care and will be questioned as part of the investigation once deemed fit for questioning.

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