Great power comes with great responsibility

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“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.– Edmund Burke. The dominance and power works like an ardent spirit on people which makes them haughty, convex, and daring. In the truancy of any liability it leads to corruption. Not only does knowledge make one wise but it also makes one more eloquent, compassionate and self-effacing. The modern era has seen the arrival of Information Technology that flourish on idea and knowledge. Therefore, people with exclusive knowledge and technologies becoming more ingenious and robust. It not only has a lot of benefits but also comes with a negative side- given birth to cyberbullying i.e., the misuse of information technology to harass others.

India is the world’s second fastest digital adopter and rapid digitisation require plan to elevate cybersecurity. Internet, a vast network which connects computers all over the world. It need to forecast cyber preemption on the lines of strategic pre-emption to disengage cyber attackers. Cyber defences raised to protect and need to obtain derogatory proficiency for effective pre-emption in cyberspace. Though India’s establishment of ecological community, its froth energy and ample talent must be drain for cyber augmentation but also new era makes knowledge a premium and here lies the essence of his power.

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