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Portugal Capital Washes Away

Heavy rains trigger floods in Portugal’s capital,one dead. 

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On December 8, in Lisbon, the Civil Protection Authority Of Portugal has reported flooded streets in the capital leading one death.

Local Authorities put Portugal’s capital on high alert on Wednesday evening for heavy flooded region and urged people to stay at home as heavy rain killed one woman aged 55 years old in the flooded basement of Alges near Lisbon also washing away cars and flooding several buildings.

Portuguese Weather Agency (IPMA) stated,” A red weather warning due to intense rainfall and strong winds expected to continue until Friday”. The reporters and the authority also recorded several incidents from flooded streets, train stations, a theatre and even a hospital for which roads and tunnels had to shut down.

Images shared on social media also showcases the flooding parts in Lisbon airport leading to the diversion of two flights.

“We appeal to people not to leave their homes during these periods of heavy rain” , says Civil Protection Commander Andre Fernandes. Lisbon’s Mayor’s office has also asked people to remain indoors. Mayor Carlos Moedas visited some of the flooded areas and said to figure out works to build a five-kilometre drainage tunnel which is to be start soon.

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