History Recreated : Defeating all odds its the Shah Rukh Khan magic

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Shah Rukh Khan shatters all the box office records yet another time in the same year itself with his latest release ‘Jawan’. Shah Rukh Khan has set new bars at the box office with ‘Jawan’ defeating his previous release ‘Pathaan’ and proved why he is called the king of bollywood film industry. The film witnessed the biggest opening in the history of any bollywood film by collecting Rs 129.06 crore worldwide and Rs 74.50 crore across India.

Through film ‘Jawan’, the director, Atlee Kumar conveys some serious messages about fractured political system and corruption of the society by portraying Shah Rukh Khan as a vigilante hero in the form of a mass action film which captures the attention of the audiences. He also questioned about the health care system in government hospitals and about farmer issues behind showcasing Shah Rukh Khan as a mass action hero.

The movie somehow managed to create an emotional impact on the audience by a descent storyline which on one hand portrays the injustices happening to the common people and on the other hand it portrays a strong bonding between a son and father. Apart from this, Shah Rukh Khan appears to be the action hero who has been the treat to the eyes  with an impactful story and a fast paced screenplay. If not SRK acted in this movie, it might not be this much successful because the name is enough to bring audience to the theatres. It can be rated 4 out of 5 as it has emotion, drama, action as well as social aspect at the same time.

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