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Huge tracks of dinosaurs peeks out, at the dried Texas

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It always has been a fantasy for the netizens to have a glance at the fragments or evidences relating to the oldest species of the planet. Such a thing happened at the dried river of Paluxy which runs through the Texas. As per the submitted reports, several lying deep tracks of the dated Acrocanthosaurus species became visible at the drought prone sights of the Dinosaur Valley State Park. The first time after the year of 2000 to their utmost surprise the longing evidences emerged.

The US drought monitor claims that the country is reeling through one of the most worst calamatic conditions of drought, almost affecting up 87% of the waterways and resources of the republics.At Such a situation has also came as a fortune for the Dinosaur Valley State which enabled them to preserve the precious evidences of the species they had been researching and hunting long for one of those underlying massive footprints.

The reports also unveiled that the Acrocanthosaurus species weighing seven tonnes and lengthing upto 15 feet had been inhabited that land 113 million years back. Moreover, having tracks relating to the term “Lone Ranger Trackway” covered almost 100 feet of trail by walking.

The BBC also added that Sauroposeidon,another species had also dominated the land with the corresponding Acrocanthosaurus. Their footprints can also be tracked soon as per their expectations to the outcome.

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