The Chief minister of Tamil Nadu,Mk Stalin visited Rajkiya Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya on Friday for an inauguration invited by Delhi’s counterpart Arvind Kejriwal. He and his state officials were highly impressed by the infrastructure brought out by the AAP government to the education sector . The Delhi officials briefed him the statistics during his visit, that the incumbent government spends 25% of their budget to education and primarily focuses to strengthen the roots of development from where modification of a human being starts to perform.

The TN chief minister with his officials were on a 4 day visit to meet officials of  Union Government to meet their basic demands and to make sanction their former pending dues which constitutes about a whopping amount of  ₹20,860 crore since the pandemic.

Stalin was accompanied by his state’s education minister, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi. They were made aware of the fact that since 2014-15 when gov school’s pass out percentage were thoroughly less than the private institutions,the incumbent Kejriwal and co ruling government had significantly brought a  transformation to the government model schools which now equally competes with that of privates  in every sphere which were earlier termed as “Tent schools”. Amazed by the reception and draft of the Delhi government Stalin also solicited his views –

“Our DMK government in Tamil Nadu gives importance to all departments but we prioritize education and health on a higher scale. Soon we will start a model school like this in Tamil Nadu. Work for that is on-going.” 

On visiting the school, he interacted with the teachers who all are trained from Indian Institutes of Management and students who are equally delighted to be in the new atmosphere. He attended the  Deshbhakti classes followed by a buisness blaster programme. Stalin on his way also spoke with the nurses and patients of the AAP runned mohalla clinics where poor people get medical aids at a minimal expenditure. According to a Delhi government statement, Stalin said,

“I heard about Delhi government schools and Mohalla clinics from my Cabinet and newspapers. I contacted Arvindji a few months ago and told him about my interest in visiting them. He accepted my request and showed me the schools and mohalla clinics today . What he has built is excellent. I’m planning to build a model school like this in Tamil Nadu very soon,” he said.

On his way back to his state, Stalin along with his team expressed their gratitude and urged the Kejriwal government to visit the same when they succeed to replicate the world class model in Chennai inspired from their innovative work.

On the platform of exchanging thoughts and ideas, Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sishodia reacted,

“India has waited a long time to see education in the priority list of political parties. This is a new beginning for a better world where states learn from each other’s best practices. By working together, radical changes can be brought in the education system as well as the country. It was a pleasure welcoming the Tamil Nadu CM in our school where he learnt how the wave of change in the Delhi education system was set over the years.”

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