India slips to 107 out of 121 countries on Global Hunger Index

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India’s position at the Global Hunger Index has dropped down six times from their previous result(101 on 2021), currently ranked 107 out of 121 countries. The country bags a score of 29.1 which remarks the nation under the “serious” category of the evaluation method . Moreover, it has furthur detoriated from their earlier counterpart and conveys a alarming signal to the incumbent government of the 140 million vastly populated nation.

GHI has came a long way developing survey which points out the deficits and failure of the nations in providing proper nutrition to citizens since its inception in 2006. The final assessed report is published by Concern Worldwide(Ireland) and Welthungerhilfe(Germany)on global scale which ranks down the countries on their performance.

Out of that, it measures the countries listing on four indicators- firstly under nourishment, stunting(low height for age), wasting(low weight for height) and under five mortality. Although the country has shown a sharp decline in malnutrition and nourishment, it has maintained a consistency in improving figures on stunting and infant mortality.

Besides that, the neighbours to India has promoted their position,thus increasing the gap way far, including Pakistan(99),Bangladesh(84),Nepal(81),Sri Lanka(64) in the current results. China, with whom the country is passing through  internal turmoil on borders has placed themselves on the top which has been an impressive response with their last result.

The radar also exposed the state of situations for countries like Somalia,Burundu, South Sudan and Syria which are languishing at the brink of famine.

Despite  serious issues revolving with the result, the NDA government has blew out the remarks, proclaiming it as a measure to taint India’s image. The ministry of external affairs has furthur added that, the institution suffers from methological issues.

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