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India to be Getting the Taste of iPhone 15, Apple’s Newest Launch

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The most awaited iPhone 15 is all set to be launched in India on September 12 with its upgraded version, but will Apple be granting a cut in the price of its new launch?


Apple’s biggest launch event this year will be in India. Apple will be presenting iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Plus. Comparing to iPhone 14, iPhone 15 will be an upgraded version with some exciting features.


The launch of the new iPhone 15 will be more special to the Indians as for the first time it would be selling a ‘made in India’ iphone. The iPhone 15 will be manufactured in India but will there be any price cut of the product.


According to reports, iPhone 15 will not be the first iphone to be manufactured in India. Even after being manufactured in India there were no price cut of the previous iphones. The price of the phone was similar as the US price multiplied by 100. So, manufactured in India won’t be a solution to the iPhone being expensive.


Keeping the price aside, the iPhone will be launched in India much before expected. Usually the foreign markets get access to the iPhones the minute they launch globally, whereas the Indians had to wait to get their hands on the latest phones.


But this time it might not be the scenario. As the launch to be held in India, Apple would be unveiling their new iPhone 15 series sooner this year.

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