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Kangaroo kills a man, was kept as a pet

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A wild kangaroo allegedly killed a guy who looked to have kept the animal as a pet in the first such incident in Australia since 1936. A relative discovered the 77-year-old man gravely injured on his farm in Redmond, a semi-rural location 400 kilometres southeast of Perth, according to a report in The Independent.
The report said that the man may have been attacked by the animal earlier in the day, according the police. According to the authorities, the western grey kangaroo was preventing paramedics from getting to the injured guy and had to be shot. The police claimed in a statement that the kangaroo “was posing an ongoing threat to emergency responders.” They think the wild animal had been domesticated. According to the article, there are several limitations on keeping native animals as pets under Australian legislation.
According to animal specialists, the attack “wasn’t unusual,” NCA NewsWire stated. I’ve witnessed it. Male kangaroos engaging in combat with one another. They do kick, which is why they are known as “boxing kangaroos.” According to Hayley Shute, life science manager at the Australian Reptile Park, “their claws are pretty huge and they’re muscly their bodies are created for this; in some cases, they are built for battle as well as for boxing”.
The general population tends to view kangaroos and koalas as fluffy, cuddly animals, she continued. I believe it’s just important to remember that they are wild animals, and you should treat them with respect.
Southwest Australia is a common location for western grey kangaroos. They can weigh up to 54 kg and reach heights of up to 1.3 metres. According to a WA Today report, the kangaroo that assaulted the victim was thought to be under a year old.
The last instance of a kangaroo killing a human was in 1936, when William Cruickshank, 38, of the state of New South Wales, passed away in a hospital months after being assaulted, according to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald at the time. When Cruickshank attempted to save his two dogs from the kangaroo, he was left with severe head wounds and a fractured jaw, according to a report in the Independent.
According to a BBC report, a kangaroo mauled a three-year-old girl in New South Wales in March of this year, inflicting significant head injuries. A kangaroo attacked and injured a 67-year-old woman in Queensland in July when she was out for a walk. She suffered bruising and a broken leg as a result. In Australia, there are stories of urban growth encroaching more and more on wild kangaroos’ habitats.

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