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Kolkata’s Tram Commemorates it’s 150 years of service

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As the city’s historic tram service celebrated 150 years on Friday, festivities were organised in Kolkata. Snehasish Chakraborty, state transport minister, and other officials cut cakes to mark the city’s historic moment.

“Trams are our pride. Tram lines now have fewer routes than they did in the past. Yet, the government made an effort to save a few tram routes that were haritage. The continuation of tram service across the city is our top priority”, the Minister stated.

“The trams will convey the tale of a means of public transportation that has been around the longest in our city. The fact that trams are now only used sometimes is a serious blow for our historic tram”, according to Udit Ranjan Gupta of the Kolkata Tram Users’ Association (CUTA).

“For us, this is a proud occasion. I’ve been operating trams in Kolkata on several lines for the past 40 years. Even though the service is now less frequent, city residents still want to ride the tram and hope it never disappears from Kolkata. I’m glad to see the tram making such a long journey, and I wish the government will try to keep tram service in Kolkata going as a historic method of transportation,” remarked conductor Manas Das.

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