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Screenwriters have often tested protagonists who take pride in their honesty. This time it is the turn of Maya Menon (played by Vidya Balan), a pure journalist who is presented as the face of truth by her media channel. It’s  interesting to find that the trailer for the movie is highly misleading and somewhat purposely done to raise the craze.

This movie should be deemed a milestone, and it really sets an example of how a noir can be cast differently.

The story is that on a fateful night, Maya unwittingly enters into the life of Rukhsasna (played by Shefali Shah as a maid) in such a way that threatens to oust Maya and destroy her life. The rest of the story is about Maya hiding her guilt beneath the layers of confidence she gained over the years in a profession where everyone hates self-doubts.

When Alia (daughter of Rukhsana) meets with a horrifying hit and run case, things take a turn for the worse and bring Maya and Rukhsana to loggerheads, both trying to tackle this unfortunate incident with a few lies that cannot be unleashed.

When he is afraid for his life, he begins to show his true colors, which is depicted in the film. After this heart-breaking incident, we witness the varying responses of Maya and her son towards the helpless lady.

Vidya Balan played a dominant role in this movie as a journalist whose love of life was her especially abled son. On the contrary, there is the perplexed, helpless Shefali Shah, who begs justice from a system that wheedles her to compromise or else… This shows justice is not easy for a normal person to find; it costs too much. The system cajoles the person in such a way that, in the hope of justice, he feels worthless, helpless, and questions himself, “What am I?” This movie reminds  of another one-No One Killed Jessica. A college girl who was shot dead by the son of a politician Sabrina Lal, the deceased’s sister, received what is deemed to be partial justice after much struggle and a toe-to-toe fight with the corrupted system. It shows how much the political system is influenced by wealthy people.

However, the pace and the pensive mood change. He could not hide the gaps in the movie. The decision Maya takes towards the end feels a little improbable, and the way Rukhsana returns from the edge feels a bit voluptuous. But then, that is life, and everything seems right in this cruel world, isn’t it?

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