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Man on Horseback gets recognised by Swiggy

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The rumors surrounding the viral video of a young guy riding a horse in the rain while carrying its delivery bag has been revealed by popular food delivery aggregator Swiggy. After the video became popular and generated a lot of buzz online, Swiggy offered a reward of Rs 5,000 to anyone who could identify the man riding the horse.

Swiggy, however, has revealed that they have identified the individual, putting an end to the search thereby tweeting that “Okay enough horsin’ around,”

Swiggy stated in the press release, “He is Sushant, a 17-year-old boy. He is a regular youngster who borrows stuff and forgets to return them; he is not a Swiggy delivery employee. He took the Swiggy delivery bag in this event. He currently works as a horse courier, taking care of preparing horses for wedding processions, at a stable in Mumbai.”

Furthermore, Swiggy claimed that the “Swiggy bag” that initially sparked rumours that the man was carrying food in fact contained “embroidered curtains and accessories” used to dress up horses for weddings. To conclude Swiggy also revealed the identity of the horse.



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