New Hope For Male Determination .

Men Losing Their Y Chromosome: New Hope Brings Sex Gene Discovery.

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A recent study found and conducted by National Academy of Science in Melbourne found two branches of rodents who already lost their Y chromosome and lives to tell the tail. Furthermore it stated that the spiny rats evolved a new male determining gene rising a hope for the humanity in the early hours of Wednesday challenging the old theory of Genetics Professor Brian Sykes.
According to the research they stated that men are slowly losing their Y chromosome and this might disappear in a few million years. Many African Citizens are suffering due to this scientific syndrome,but a new sex gene discovery in spiny rats brings hope for the entire humanity as the sex of human and other mammals are decided by the Y chromosome or the male-determining gene, but chromosomes of male are leading to the extinction unless a new sex gene appears.
In humans, females have two X chromosomes and males with a single X and a puny little Y chromosome.
After about 12 weeks of conception this new sex gene switches on others that regulates development of testis rather the embryotic testis makes male hormones testosterone and ensures the baby develops as a boy.
This master sex gene was identified by SRY in 1990 and is now working by triggering a genetic pathway starting a gene called SOX 9 . “A key for male determination in all vertebrates although it doesn’t lie on sex chromosomes will now on scheme ” says the foreignsic researcher of National Academy of Science in Melbourne.
This master gene will also be useful to combat with many hormonal syndromes of men rather uplifting the health problems of men relating to hormones.

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