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The League 1 one match on Sunday, 26, February 2023, saw tourney leaders and defending champions PSG led by Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi, emerge with a 3-0 victory against second place holder Marseille on the latter’s home grounds inside the Orange Velodrome.

Mbappé, playing off of Messi’s assists, scored two goals in the match, and gave an assist to Messi for the Argentinian legend to score one himself. For the PSG fans it was sure to be a feel good moment, it was a payback of sorts for the defeat PSG suffered at Marseille’s hand earlier this month in the French Cup, when Mbappé was sidelined due to an injury.

This time, the story was different, albeit PSG was still not in its full glory with Neymar having to abstain due to an injury, it did not stop Messi and Mbappé to carry the load by themselves and clinch a few records in the process. Post match, Messi has now added yet another record to his legendary career with over 700 goals in club football history. Mbappé on the other hand, completed 200 goals for the club, tying him with all time highest PSG scorer Edinson Cavani.

“We were aggressive, we put intensity into the game, that’s what we’d been missing,” said PSG centre back and teammate Sergio Ramos.

Despite the overwhelming loss, Marseille coach Igor Tudor said he was still decided on his team’s aggressive and high risk gameplay, “Why should we have changed our way of playing? It has been working well this season,” he said.

“Mbappe’s presence didn’t change anything. His presence made it more difficult for us to play our game but we were not going to change it…”, Tudor added.

With the match ending in defending champs PSG’s favour, they now have an additional 8 point lead to their total making them stand at the top of the tournament with 60 points. Marseille remains seated at 2nd with 52 and Monaco after their 0-3 defeat, are at 3rd with 50.

The next League match is scheduled to take place on Sunday March 5th 2023, between PSG and the 13th ranked Nantes.









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