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Much emphasis to infrastructure as the main wheel of economy : PM Modi

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The Prime Minister of India on 4th March on his speech stressed on the fact about revamping and constructing modern infrastructural foundation which would facilitate newer technological sectors laying the future for a developed India as per his vision.

On the contrary, discussing on the newly announced budget he stated that this year’s anual budget has no compromise with investment imparting new methods of rehabilitating the infrastructural sector.

The Prime Minister said, the government is focusing much more on the sectors of railways,roads, airports and ports to build a formidable modern infrastructure pacing up the rate of development in which the national scheme of PM’s Gati Shakti would act as a catalyst to the process.

Moreover, the capital expenditure has furthur increased to five times as from 2014-15.

In this year, the central government as of the finance minister proclaimed is deliberate to invest more to the basic development aimed to invest around 110 lakh crore.

Apparently, the central think tank has envisaged themselves to the upliftment of the national highways,, electrification of the rural households,streching roadways and railways to more reach the prime minister stated,“We consider infrastructure development as the driving force of the economy; India will achieve the target of becoming a developed nation by 2047 by following this path,”.

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