Gondolas navigate by the Rialto Bridge on Venice's historical Grand Canal as a patch of phosphorescent green liquid spreads in it, May 28, 2023. (AP)

Mysterious Colour Change of Venice’s Water

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Italy’s fire department reported that Venice’s main canal water turned fluorescent green on sunday and according to the regional environment protection agency ARPAV, the cause of the matter was by a type of dye which is used to trace water leakage.


The Interior Ministry’s representative Michele di Bari called an emergency meeting to discuss possible measures that can be taken after this incident as said by Italy’s news agency ANSA. The environment agency ARPAV have collected the sample of the water and have came to a conclusion that the mishap was caused by a certain type of dye usually used to trace water leakage.


As per the police of Venice, the water was not a threat to the health of the locals. The unusual appearance of the water was first noticed by local residents of Venice, the head of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia tweeted. The green water was spread from the Rialto Bridge to part of the Grand.


No one claimed responsibility for the Grand Canal turning green, as of yet. It’s was also reported that Last weekend an environmentalist group turned the water of the Trevi fountain in Rome black, by using vegetable charcoal to stand against the government’s climatic policies.

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