NATO’s role in the conflict between Russia & Ukraine

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As Ukraine took the stand to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is which other countries or the European countries are part of Russia with a false accusation of Ukraine trying to increase the border area on the east became a problem and thus Russia started a war against Ukraine. However, the question here arises is there a problem with Ukraine or the NATO? Russia’s concern being why Ukraine not a member, why NATO is still fighting its war with Russia.

NATO was founded after World War II in 1949 with 12 members from North America and Europe. Now, NATO is a 30-member military alliance. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) has become the focal point of Russia’s war on Ukraine. A military response from NATO has been announced. The US promised a NATO response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday morning.

NATO brought the countries once under the Soviet Union or the present-day Russia. Ukraine was waiting to join the NATO since 2008 when W. Bush was the president of America. He pushed the Membership Action plan of Ukraine, an essential step and process for a country to become a part of NATO. The group was conceived to fend off a suspected attack from Russia on any of the founding members. The communist-capitalist narrative and shadow of World War II dominated the sentiments back then.

Nato is treating Russian aggression in Ukraine as a threat to its ally that joined a Nato group North Atlantic Cooperation Council in 1991, and signed for a Nato programme the Partnership for Peace in 1994. Russia, too, signed for both. Though, Ukraine actually applied for it. Its application for Nato membership is pending. Its President, Zelensky, has recently appealed again to expedite the Membership Action Plan (MAP) decision. On the other hand, Russia and NATO formed a consultation forum called the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But unlike Ukraine, Russia’s relationship with Nato has been tumultuous. So, while Ukraine remained a willing ally of NATO, Russia kept testing the US-dominated military alliance to keep the Cold War flame burning. The result is, Ukraine has become the battleground.

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