An under-construction Aguwani-Sultanganj Ganga bridge collapsed, in Bihar's Bhagalpur district, Sunday, June 4, 2023. (Photo | PTI)

Negligence or Confidence: Bihar Government under Question

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Another shocking incident took place today, a major bridge connecting two cities in Bihar collapsed, leading to widespread chaos and disruption. The collapse occurred during rush hour, causing significant traffic congestion and raising concerns about the safety of infrastructure in the region. According to officials, the government has attributed the collapse to a defect in the bridge and has initiated immediate measures to pull it down.

The bridge, which spanned the Ganges River, served as a vital link, Aguwani-sultanganj, facilitating the transportation of goods and thousands of commuters daily. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud noise, followed by the collapse of a section of the bridge, sending vehicles plunging into the river below. Local authorities, along with emergency services, swiftly responded to the scene, launching rescue efforts and diverting traffic to alternative routes.

Following the incident, government officials and engineers were dispatched to assess the damage and investigate the cause of the collapse. Initial findings suggest a structural defect in the bridge, which may have weakened its integrity over time. The government has assured the public that it will conduct a thorough investigation to determine any lapses in maintenance or construction.

In a statement, the Bihar government spokesperson announced that the bridge would be completely dismantled to ensure public safety. Plans for the construction of a new and robust bridge have also been set in motion. However, this process is expected to take several months, causing inconvenience to the affected commuters and impacting the region’s economy.

Local residents and commuters have expressed their frustration and disappointment over the collapse, demanding accountability from the authorities. They have urged the government to expedite the construction of a new bridge to minimize the disruption caused by the incident.

The collapse of the bridge highlights the urgent need for stricter quality control and maintenance of infrastructure projects across the country. The government’s prompt response and commitment to rectify the situation offer hope for preventing such tragedies in the future.

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