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One people dying out of hunger at every four seconds; NGO flag shows deep concern

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The outrageous global crisis which has furthur escalated to imbalance in the world has been noted down after several letters have been landed down from 75 countries . Jotted down their consent while expressing their grief over the sharp rise on impoverished condition  of the mass that resulting in suffering for deficit of food.

The Report estimates that over 345 million persons are thriving under the scarcity of food, unable to imbibe proper nutrition resulting in diseases culminating to death. The number has thus, doubled up after 2019. This lands down the organisation under a deep problematic situation .

Inspite of making numerous promises by the giants of the world to eradicate away the crisis, they had not stood with their words. The starvation scale of Somalia has reached to an danger. Around the globe, 50 million people out of 45 countries are currently reeling under lack of nutrition, and getting reduced to a mere pawn in the war field.

As the results which had been drawn that, 19,700 people are dying every day which counts up to one person Evey four second.

One of the representative of letter’s signatories, Mohanna Ahmed Ali Eljabaly stated on the crisis that”It is abysmal that with all the technology in agriculture and harvesting techniques today we are still talking about famine in the 21st century,”.

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