Did I die? May be not…….a sound of a crow filled my ears and in a second that never ending busy & noisy forest shuts herself  with gloomy evening sky.   I open my eyes once again and felt " />

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Passengers of Time

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Passengers of time

Did I die?

May be not…….a sound of a crow filled my ears and in a second that never ending busy & noisy forest shuts herself  with gloomy evening sky.   I open my eyes once again and felt a water drop on my forehead… is it raining? No!!!!  Someone’s crying… why I can’t see her face ??? waitttt I know her…… I felt a hairs covering my face, she started caressing with her hands….it is so peaceful  laying on her lap like this and then I closed my eyes and she whispered something into my ears

 “Are you lost again?” 

November 7th  2057

Dear Diary, 

Today i was again lost in my dreams, i was again travelling through the era’s. People say am just assuming stuffs but i believe in what i see or feel. Only i know what i have been through. 

It all started 53 years ago generally we don’t remember things that long but i would never forget that day even in my death bed i will remember that day clearly, it was 8th september 1997, i turned 18 that day, yeah it was my birthday but I was neither happy nor sad. I was not happy cause even on my birthday my mom and dad went for their office though I was not sad because they were never with me in my birthdays or in other days. It was a normal day but there were few emails wishing me happy birthday and just like every birthday mom left a little apology letter on the table, i picked it up, crushed it and threw it in the dustbin cause i have been reading this same words of so called apology since my childhood. I opened my closet and searched for a cigeratte, the packet was empty, so i peeked through my window but the shop downstairs is also closed, what a beautiful day!!!

Just like every birthday i went to “coffee house” it was my favourite cafe, since i was 3years old i used to come here with my grandfather, coffee house was his memory lane he used to love thise place, last time we came together when i was 9, a week after that he died. Since then i came here alone once a year just in my birthdays. That day i came here order that same thing that me and my grandpa enjoyed, a slice of cheese and a coffee with 3cubes of sugar. After i ordered my meal, i sat there and watched people’s (i love watching people its like am traingazing). The meal came i enjoyed my meal while reading a book and then went out it was 5PM. The sky was little dark and gloomy felt like its gonna rain. So i hurried down to the main road but there was no means of transport and it started raining. I waited in the bus stand all alone and there was no one the roads were empty, dark and i felt eerie. The evening was getting to darker and felt like the darkness is coming to swallow the entire streets of central Calcutta, i was thinking all this suddenly i saw a strange “Rickshaw” coming towards me, the man pulling the rickshaw was old and have a firmed body, his body depicts a life long experience of pulling rickshaw, the rickshaw was black brushed and over head there was large cover and inside there was a bulb. In first i was scared by the looks of the man and his rickshaw but something is better than nothing. So i stopped him and requested him to give me a ride home the old man smiled and agreed to take me. I happily hopped onto it. 

On the way back i felt like my body is entering it some zones it was like i felt a gravitational pull hitting my body it was something like traveling through time, i saw the old man smiling since the begining so i asked him what is it? He replied with a smile “after a long decade i got a passenger”, in first it felt strange but i didnt thought of it much but not long after i saw lights all around me i got scared and started shouting what is this!! Where are the lights coming from where am I? But the last thing heard was “not all those who wanders are lost and all endings are not dying”. 

Since then am traveling through time sometimes in past sometimes in future, that old rickshaw wala is my friend now we travel through time he drops me in different era’s at first i was happy cause finally i escaped from my boring life but i didnt knew that this was curse.

Later i thought what happened to my self from 1997 after that day. When I strated investigating about it in the future i found that a 18 years old boy went missing on 8th September 1997. I went to my house and things were different, i saw a different neighbourhood there were too many buildings i cant see my house any more after asking few people i landed on a old wretched house and when i was exmining it, suddenly a old women jumped onto me and started hugging me she said “i knew you will come back, i missed you so much”, i got little scared but then an old man came and held her tight and said to leave me and then he apologised to me he said “our son went missing and since then she(that old women) got mad and every time she saw anyone she thinks her son is back”, after gearing all this my eyes were numb and i turned to leave and my mom (old lady) held my hand and said we never stopped looking for you. Sometimes we think if we escape the present things will get better but trust me since that day my life turned into a curse we passengers of time has no home, every one who knows us just die in front of us and we passengers of time keep on traveling in our time travelling rickshaw. Past or future cant tell where I am now but I am still 18 years old and tomorrow is 8th September 2057. 

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