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Cars damaged after a huge tree fell inside Geetanjali building at Malabar Hill in Mumbai. (Express photo by Ganesh Shirsekar)

Preserving Nature’s Green Guardian: HC Urges BMC for De-Concretisation Details to Protect Thane’s Trees!

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The Thane City Corporation told the Bombay High Court on Wednesday that the court would monitor tree deaths from felled trees over 45 days after it assured the Bombay High Court that it would complete stump/tree removal in the city within 45 days, as required by PIL. . .

HC said the concrete work must be done carefully, with the ultimate goal of preserving the trees.

The court also asked plaintiff PIL to add Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) as a party to the lawsuit to provide details about the tree’s dematerialization in the city. Three deaths from fallen trees were recently recorded in Mumbai.

The court asked the TMC to create a helpline/email address where residents could notify the city of trees that needed to be removed and where public services were required to disclose them. react.

Acting Justice Nitin M. Jamdar and Arif S. Dr. Justice listened to PIL from activist Rohit Manohar Joshi and others who have called for the dematerialization of roots/roots in Thane County.

As argued by attorneys Ronita Bhattacharya Bektor and Pramod Jedhe, PIL approached civil authorities to develop a disaster management plan with specific provisions for compensation and compassionate employment provision. for relatives/victims injured/dead due to house collapse. . Trees in the Thane region. Advocate N. R. Bubna, representing the Tane Municipal Corporation (TMK), told the court in minutes of a meeting hosted by the Deputy Director of TMK, which referred to the civil agency’s investigation, that ca. 7396 trees have not yet been cut down. integration, integration.

Recognizing the important role of trees in maintaining ecological balance and improving the urban environment, Thane Civic Body has taken active steps to protect and preserve the city’s green space. With the help of BMC, which has experience in implementing such initiatives, Thane aims to make tree reduction a success.

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