Protest of Kurbi tribes: Trains cancelled.

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On Tuesday, over 30 trains through Jharkhand was cancelled for the protest of kurmi community. The tribes demanded adding their Kurmali language in the eighth schedule of the constitution. Many trains were cancelled and some trains were diverted. The service was mostly affected in Bengal, Jharkhand and Oddisa. This is the second time,that Kastaur Railway Station witnessed protest.

Hundreds of passengers got affected as the tribes blocked trains in the Jhargram district too.  Many trains were diverted and short terminated for the turbulence, Chief Public Officer of South Eastern Railway said.  Passenger named Prakash Karmakar, said, ‘I was scheduled to board a flight from Delhi to Calcutta but for the turbulence have to reschedule the train from Ranchi’

Sheetal Odhar Jharkhand Kurmi Vikas Morcha Central President and Omprakash Mehta in a joint statement said, if the government doesn’t take any decision and don’t fulfill their demands for including Kurmi tribe in the SC list the protest will continue. Morcha Central President  added that, the Kurmi tribe is in the ST list since 1955, but they believe that for a conspiracy it has been excluded.

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