The show opens with Lezginka dance at Rabindra Sadan on Wednesday.

Rabindra Sadan inaugurates the Russian Cultural Festival

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Culture has been an integral part of mass in our day to day life and the world sits on the diversified culture which represents the origin, the identity of a people from a particular region. Similarly, like every other year after the outbreak of COVID, the Russian federation thought to resume their Cultural activities worldwide once again. Thus, Kolkata has never been aloof in hosting such cultural programmes to enrich the intellectual belt in keeping the pace in such a time when the Western world has almost grabbed half of the population to their commercial surrounding.

At such a time, the Rabindra Sadan which is one of the epitome of culture in Kolkata kickstarts the worldwide celebrated Russian cultural festival in a grand gesture. The programme opens with a delightful Lezginka dance which represents the regional culture of the Dagestan in southern Russia.

From the joint support of the Ministry of culture of Russian federation and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, the organiser body Russian Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture Rosconcert hosted the programme consecutively with Delhi. The festival will continue for two more days, Thursday and Friday, out of which, the main attractions of it are the musical performance representing from the Terem-Quartet and the state Cossack song ensemble Krinitsa.

It’s a government organised public show, and open for all.

The deputy director general of Rosconcert,Svetlana Kondratyeva when asked about hosting such a event amid the ongoing turmoil between her country and the neighbours,proclaimed that ” Culture is above politics”.

Correspondingly, the festival will move on to Mumbai next to expose their culture countrywide.

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