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Rabindranath Tagore received tribute from divas from the Doctors and Sarees Kolkata event.

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On May 21 at Labanya Prabha, doctors from the Doctors and Sarees Kolkata organisation honoured Tagore by singing a mix of 10 melodic and well-known Rabindrasangeet to the sound of a grand piano. The women appeared at the Labanya Prabha programme, which celebrated the 162nd anniversary of Tagore’s birth, wearing cotton Jamdani saris and silver jewellery. The competition also saw a wide variety of draping techniques. The women’ wrists were wrapped in fragrant jui and bel flowers, which added a lovely scent to the activities of the day.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly Gaanbhashi, a medley of Tagore’s songs that the doctors had been practising in order for about two weeks. It comprised songs like Aguner Poroshmoni, Prano Bhoriye Trisha Horiye, Kotobar Bhebechhinu, Momo Chitte Niti Nritye, and many others. The results of their effort were lovely indeed, as the chorus blended in perfectly with the grand piano’s immaculate notes while maintaining virtually perfect pitch and speed. Before the final recording, the ladies went through a few on-the-spot rehearsals with a music teacher who played the instrument. Other events during the four-hour meeting included the regular photo session and a fashion walk with choreography by Pinky Kenworthy that matched movements to Tagore tunes. The day ended with dancing on the floor to songs like The Time of My Life (Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes), Express Yourself (Madonna), Modern Love (David Bowie), and Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley), which were significantly different from those that had been played up until that point.

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