Raised Ukraine War issue with Prime Minister Modi, says UK PM Johnson

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, during a press meet has stated that he has raised the issue of the Russia Ukraine conflict with Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Johnson currently in Gujarat as a part of his official visit to India, was attending a press meet in Ahemdabad after inaugurating a new JCB factory in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat. While answering questions and sharing the primary agendas he plans to discuss with Prime Minister Modi, he stated, “Well, we have already raised the issue of Ukraine with Prime Minister Narendra Modi diplomatically. Actually, they (India) were very strong in condemnation of atrocities in Bucha (city in Ukraine)”.

Speaking on India’s ties with Russia, Prime Minister Johnson added, “I think everybody
understands that India and Russia have historically had very different relationships, like Russia and the UK had in the last couple of decades.”

When asked about his take on India’s refusal to put sanctions on Russia and it’s insistence on maintaining a neutral stance he answered, “We have to reflect that reality while talking about it (Ukraine) to Narendra Modi,” hinting his desire to re discuss the issue during his meeting with Prime Minister Modi, in Delhi.

Prime Minister Johnson is scheduled to arrive in Delhi on Friday, where he is supposed to hold talks with Prime Minister Modi on matters of Defense, Security, Trade and further discuss the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between India and the UK.

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